From Bargate to beach for Richmond’s intrepid adventurers

It may have taken them 120 days, but Richmond couple Simon and Anita did make it to enjoy Christmas down under.

You may remember them setting off from Bargate back in August but, far from catching the next flight out of Heathrow, the couple have been going overland as much as possible to make it to Kiama, 100k south of Sydney

They took:

  • 25 buses
  • 22 trains
  • 14 private car journeys
  • 12 mini buses or mashrutkas,
  • 10 planes,
  • 2 shared taxis,
  • Finally, one ferry.

Early on they blogged much of the adventure at as well as tweeting @fancyacuppanow, sampling tea and coffee as they went ion absurd places along the ancient Silk Route running from west to east.

They even got a first-hand look at the lives of tea-pickers in Iran.

We were shown the whole process from the picking (up to 5 harvests a year on these plantations compared to the normal four in Iran – and only three in Turkey), through the sorting, drying, rolling and oxidising to storage. It was a fantastic introduction to the tea-making process from a man who clearly loves his tea!

But now they settling to life in Australia and with a beach a ten minutes walk away plus temperatures over 20 degrees overnight, Richmond must feel like a very long way away indeed!


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